Scott Caldwell

  • web developer
  • fullstack developer
  • frontend developer
  • web designer
  • UI developer
  • UX designer
  • web developer

I have worked with agencies and SaaS companies to deliver high performance, accessible, user-first experiences for the web. Currently searching for a front-end focused, full-time, remote position. Based in Vancouver, BC.

Portrait of Scott Caldwell


Designed and developed high performance websites powered by modern content management systems for artists such as:

Developed eCommerce stores powered by Shopify and WooCommerce, implemented performance improvements, performed quality assurance, and helped build component library used by brands such as:

Created custom themes and CMS backends using WordPress and CraftCMS, built and tested email templates, implemented performance optimazations for companies such as:

Helped build Referral Marketing SaaS product - upgraded dashboard to SPA built with AngularJS, designed and implemented client onboarding tool, implemented analytics dashboard used by clients such as: