Input modes

<!-- The default, will show a standard keyboard -->
<input inputmode="text" />

<!-- Numeric input keyboard with digits 0-9 -->
<input inputmode="numeric" />

<!-- Numeric input keyboard with digits 0-9 and a decimal separator -->
<input inputmode="decimal" />

<!-- Telephone input keyboard, with digits 0-9, asterisk and pound key. If telephone # is required, use <input type="tel"> -->
<input inputmode="tel" />

<!-- Keyboard for search, submit key may be labelled 'Search.' If search query is required, use <input type="search"> -->
<input inputmode="search" />

<!-- Keyboard for entering email addresses, includes @ character. If email is required, use <input type="email"> -->
<input inputmode="email" />

<!-- Keyboard for entering URLs, '/' key may be more prominent. If URL is required, use <input type="url">-->
<input inputmode="url" />
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